Why interaction produces more growth than sermons.


If you’re anything like me, your house gets cleaned most thoroughly when people are coming over. Thats when you’re more likely to notice that the toilet bowl needs to be scrubbed; that the floors could do with a mop. We pay more attention to certain areas of our houses (and our lives) when others can see them too.

Accountability is a strong trigger for growth. When people around us take an interest in what we are doing, it creates a desire to put more effort it, and to do it well. We have more satisfaction in our achievements; more pleasure in our successes, when we can share them with others.

Each week at church, we hear inspiring and challenging messages which should drive us to act and to grow. But how often do we follow up on what we hear? Most of the time, we fail to act because we keep our decisions to ourselves. It is far more powerful and encouraging to share our choices and challenges within a safe community, and to inspire and encourage each other to move towards our personal goals, knowing that those around us will remember what we say and keep us accountable to our decisions.

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