A new format for a new era – a blog series to change church culture from within.

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Over the next few weeks, I’m going to release a 12-part series of blog posts on how to change church culture from within.

I’m going to start by discussing the new era we are entering as a society, and why this has profound implications for the way we meet together as God’s people. I’m then going to outline the three major shifts all healthy churches should embrace to create a connecting culture, a hands-on learning environment, and a liberating leadership. I will follow up with a series of nine adaptable strategies any church can apply to help connect, engage and empower God’s people more effectively. The series will finish with a look at change and the church – and why they can go together (even though they often don’t).

The following posts in the series are now up;

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23 thoughts on “A new format for a new era – a blog series to change church culture from within.

  1. Terrific Kathleen!12 consecutive pro active posts toward positive change among God’s people that are weary of tired traditions! Love it.
    With a 12 part series outlining systemic change, I wonder if you could get some help promoting it.? I’m not impressed with how little feedback the ‘One Another’ chain blog received, especially given that Alan Knox has such a vibrant following and is so conciliatory. Im not sure if its an indication that the topic is so badly needed, but many are willing to get involved in a conversation with whats wrong with church but are lacking imagination or ambition to change. So in order to engage a good number of people in a difficult discussion of this kind, maybe you could ask some of the big guns for help?
    I was thinking of how to achieve in the blogoshere what is done at these mega conferences where many speakers present their thoughts.
    It seems to me a 12 part series of this sort might be worthy of such an undertaking.
    What do you think of asking blogs like Ed Stetzers’, APE, and the several convention organizers like the Dales etc to ‘channel’ your series and help generate spin off discussion and action?
    I was impressed with how APE built anticipation with a month long pre launch campaign to promote their blog.
    Ed Stetzer recently published an article saying “lets kill it” regarding hierarchy.
    Just some thoughts.
    Really looking fwd to your series.

    • Hi Greg, thanks for your encouragement – and your challenge to think big. It certainly puts the pressure on to make sure these posts clearly communicate the concepts I passionately believe in. I will put some thought (and prayer) into how to generate interest in the topic, and take your suggestions seriously. What fun!

      I enjoyed being part of Alan Knox’s chain blog. It felt like a community-building exercise in itself – perhaps the feedback was limited because people tend to comment more when they disagree than when they agree. I enjoyed the poetry and metaphor of your take on the biblical narrative. I do love Alan’s website and non-aggressive, collaborative approach to building a community of like-minded bloggers, rather than just building a following for himself. He seems a very likable person, and a significant voice in this area.

      I do hope you enjoy the blog series, and help us share the message to those who are listening. Blessings in your writing and ministry,


  2. Thanks so much for your kind review of mine and Neil’s new book. I’m looking forward to what you have to say about changing church culture. It’s been my passion for many years.

    • Thanks Phil. I really did enjoy your book – like you, I carry a growing passion and burden to see the church “jump the curve” and move on to a whole new level. I think many people in the organic/missional movement have been cynical of the established church for many years, but now is a time to start being hopeful. Change is happening in our surrounding culture so quickly that it’s going to start to make sense in church too. Churches are full of Godly people who truly desire to live for Jesus – if they can get beyond the limitations of the current structure, we’ll see the revival we’ve always longed for. My husband and I have learned a lot over the past few years, and feel that we have some new thoughts to add to the conversation. I pray I can do the topic justice in these coming posts – sometimes words are a fragile vessel to communicate concepts with such potential.
      Blessings in your ministry, and thanks for taking an interest in our blog,

  3. I look forward to hearing more about “A new format for a new era – a new blog series to change church culture from within.”

    My hope is that your Church in a Circle will provide me with greater understanding and a resource I can refer others.

    Narrow Gate Ministries of Greensboro, Inc.

    Our mission is to develop pre-packaged “Ministry Teaching Tools” to aid
    in equipping the Body of Christ for the work of the ministry.

    Training Ministry Leaders and Teachers to Equip Others.
    Equipping Christians with the knowledge and disciplines for daily practicing a lifestyle that is directed by the Word of God and in right standing.

    Delivering Ministry Tools that requires a minimum of training for leaders and teachers to use.

    Mat 7:14 Because narrow [is] the gate and difficult [is] the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

    • Your feedback and discussion will be valuable to me.
      I do believe many of these strategies will translate – in fact, you’re probably using them all already! I just hope I communicate them well enough for people to “get” them.
      Thank you for your encouragement , as well as the work you do through your blog, and your hands-on ministry.

      – Kathleen

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