Tomorrow’s church – Part 12: It’s time to shift your mindset.

Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book, “The Tipping Point” is about large-scale changes which seemingly happen overnight, and how they occur. Change often creeps up slowly, then reaches a tipping point, where it gathers momentum and spreads rapidly. It’s like pushing a rock up a hill, painfully and slowly, then watching it pick up speed and momentum as it hurtles down the other side.

Change is happening in the church as we speak. You may or may not be aware of the simple church movement, the organic church movement, the missional movement. In the past month, I’ve attended two meetings in my city where entire denominations are exploring new, discipleship-centred models of church. There is a steady movement among God’s people worldwide towards a fresh expression of church, towards participation, engagement, involvement and empowerment. There is a rumbling discontent amongst pastors and churches, and a Godly longing to make disciples instead of filling pews. The majority of God’s people in every denomination are uncomfortably aware that the system is no longer working.

The rock of change stands poised on top of the hill, ready to start rolling down the other side. Change is close at hand in our world and in our churches. The only thing stopping it from happening is our belief system about what church “should” look like.

Tomorrow’s church isn’t going to be about buildings, and rows, and big stages with bright lights. The mindshift required for this new era involves moving from rows towards circles. From monologue to dialogue. From product to process. From audience to participants. From lectures to learning. From performance to facilitation. From leaders to disciples. From meeting together formally to messily living side by side.

Change is a funny thing. It happens in some areas faster than others. It might not look exactly like the picture I’ve painted in these blog posts. But it will happen.

It’s already begun.

This is the final post in my 12 part blog series – “Tomorrow’s church: a new formula for a new era“. I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, and that it has triggered new ideas and thoughts for you. Let me know what you’re thinking!

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4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s church – Part 12: It’s time to shift your mindset.

  1. Amen! Change NEEDS to happen, so that the Lord would finally have a built-up Body which expresses Him! I am glad to hear that so many believers in so many denominations are seeking for more open fellowship, more participation, more of a “church life” than “going to church”. May the Lord change our mind more that we would practice the God-ordained way to meet and to serve in the church life!

  2. I’m a newcomer to this site, but I’ve just sat and read this series through straight. All I want to do is jump up and down and call out a resounding yes and amen!!!

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