Accessible God.

Lock and key

I’d like you to meet my neighbour, Average Joe. Joe believes that God exists. He just doesn’t think getting to know God is worth the effort. You see, Jo has been told that “church” is the place to find God. And Joe isn’t much interested in going to church. You have to sit still. You have to sing songs. You have to listen to a sermon. You have to dress nicely. You have to behave politely. You don’t get a chance to interact, or ask questions, or contribute your own thoughts. You don’t get to be yourself.

Jesus was the manifestation of the accessible God. He didn’t hide in a building, behind a degree or inside a ritual. He came to where we were. He lived a human life. He connected with every type of person, from every background. He met people face-to-face. He engaged them in dialogue. He had two-way interactions with people. Sure, occasionally he preached to large crowds – but that wasn’t his main strategy.

God has made himself completely accessible. He has torn down the temple curtain. He has done away with the law. He has made himself the sacrifice to end all sacrifices. He has removed every obstacle between himself and mankind. He couldn’t be any more accessible.

Are we only giving the gospel to people who can stomach singing and sermons? Can we make it easier for people to get to know our deeply relational God in our churches? Perhaps we could start meeting face-to-face. Allowing interaction and dialogue. Encouraging people to ask questions, contribute their ideas and listen to one another. Letting people be themselves. It might not look like your idea of “church”, but maybe Joe could finally meet the accessible God.



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  1. Very good article. Jesus went out and met people where they lived, where they were comfortable. The setting of the modern day church has become more of a religious social club where only certain people seem to fit in. We have our formats, our doctrines, our way of doing things, and seem to forget that the church is not a place we go and do things our way, but the Church is the people who are saved by grace and who are wanting to follow Jesus, who love God with all their heart and love others. We need to get over the doctrines, the denominational beliefs, the thought of church as a building and begin allowing Christ to live His life through us. We should be accepting, loving and helpful to those we come in contact with each day, allowing Jesus to touch them just as they are without worrying about all the rules and regulations that religion tries to throw upon them.

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement and your comment.

      I like your blog name, “Done With Religion”. I’ve read some of your articles, and I like the way you are encouraging God’s people to look at the format they are using with fresh eyes, discovering the freedom in Christ that doesn’t need to be constrained to religious rituals.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      – Kathleen

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