Community is irresistible


We were designed for community. We thrive when we find it. We crave a sense of belonging; a deep connection with other humans. The world doesn’t have many options of functional community to meet our needs. Facebook is as good as it gets for many people.

God created church to be the most functional form of community ever seen. Church is supposed to be the place where we love God by loving one another. God designed the church to operate as a body, connected and working together, with each part having a special place. He invites us to live side by side as a family, meeting each other’s needs through the seasons of life. If we are going to tap into the full potential for the church to shine in the darkness of this disconnected, dysfunctional world, we need to start meeting face-to-face, engaging in a two-way conversation, growing in strong relationships with each other and accepting one another as Jesus accepted each of us.

We need to start connecting with one another.

7 thoughts on “Community is irresistible

    • Thanks for your encouragement, David. Hoping and praying your hand recovers well (after reading your recent post).

      – Kathleen

  1. I was also considering this need of being in a community. Yes, there are communities being formed around hobbies, interests, events, etc, but as soon as these outward things are over, so is the community.

    The community God desires is organic – its components have His divine life. You cannot be unborn once you’re born, and you cannot stay away from other human being once you’re born. We as Christians are born of God, and we need to be around with and strongly connected to other members in the Body. Even more, these members need to be immediate – close to us, around us, in an almost daily communication and fellowship.

    Lord, gain the reality of the Body of Christ in all the churches on the earth!

    • Amen!

      Just wondering, what are your experiences of organic community, Stefan? We’ve been part of this kind of community at a number of points in our lives, although they do tend to move on or dissolve in organic “seasons”. Are you guys connected into a strong community at the moment?

      – Kathleen

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