Simple Church: Unity within Diversity – a new book coming soon.


Every now and then, you need to declutter your home (or your life) and figure out what is important enough to keep.

Over the past 2000 years, the church has picked up all sorts of clutter. Today, many churches, pastors and individuals are wanting to return to the basics, to the foundations of what church is supposed to be about. They want to learn from those who have moved from complexity to simplicity in their church practices.

That is why, earlier this year, Eric Carpenter approached a number of bloggers who advocate and write about simple ways of doing church. He asked us to provide a positive perspective on what we stand for (rather than what we stand against). From this collaboration, he has put together a book called “Simple Church: Unity within Diversity“, which will be released before Christmas. I was privileged to contribute a chapter, describing my vision of “a church of equal laity, with Christ the one and only Head”.

I love the subtitle of this book – “unity within diversity”. 24 writers have written about different topics, from different perspectives – but we are all seeking to discuss, and communicate, and share what we have learned about simple practices of being the church. I’m looking forward to reading  and learning from Jeremy Myers, Kathy Escobar, Chris Jefferies, Miguel Labrador, Christopher Dryden, Alan Knox, Guy Muse and many others.

“Simple Church” is now available for pre-order. I pray it blesses you as you work through what aspects of church are worth holding on to.

Simple Church

5 thoughts on “Simple Church: Unity within Diversity – a new book coming soon.

    • I’m looking forward to getting a copy – not just to see my name in print, but to read the chapters by the other authors. It should be thought-provoking.

      – Kathleen

  1. I’m so glad that you were able to participate in this book. I’m eager to see the dialogue that arises from this collective work. Be blessed!

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