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Kathleen has a passion for seeing the church become a place of connection, active learning and empowerment for God’s people. She believes the church can benefit from looking backwards to the early church ways of gathering together for mutual edification, and from looking forwards to the social revolution that is happening around the world because of our access to two-way, interactive media, allowing every person a voice and the opportunity to participate. Kathleen and Kevin-Neil have four children and live in Perth, Western Australia.


Kevin-Neil Ward facilitates “church in a circle”, building on his experience as a senior pastor, combined with techniques he has developed through his studies in life coaching, counselling, business administration, organic church planting and cross-cultural ministry. He chose to leave pulpit ministry to work with recovering drug-addicts, and delights in giving a voice, a value and an impact to “the least of these”.

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  1. wow, I’m humbled by the choices you’ve made regarding leaving the pulpit ministry to work with the least of these. I hope it’s been fulfilling for you like I assume living our lives for Christ in the right path should be.

    blessings to you both.

    • Hi Andy, thanks for your question. All of our facilitated learning sessions revolve directly around Scripture, and are led by a trained pastor, so we value doctrine and teaching highly in our model – we just also value participation and interaction as well.

      Thanks for directing me to the article published at Sermon Central – I wasn’t aware of it going up. The conversation is reasonably civil, and most of the commenters are preachers who don’t feel equipped or compelled to change their teaching approach. We have chosen an empowerment model of teaching, which I think is supported by Scripture, but I understand that plenty of others will not agree or appreciate this approach.

      Thanks again, Andy,


      – Kathleen

    • Hi Steve, I’ve just had a chance to read your work – someone on Twitter directed me there recently! Interesting research. Did you question people about alternative formats of “church” – ie. any form of meeting with other believers (or even non-believers) for community and spiritual growth?

  2. Would love to touch base sometime. I am an urban missionary working with a community in Northbridge. Read your article in OIKOS mag. If u have time flick me an email.

    • Thanks, Andrew, that sounds great. I’ll contact you and we can get together. I’d love to see a copy of the OIKOS mag.

      – Kathleen

  3. This is a great resource and a much needed discussion … As one who has been in ministry long enough to have experienced a cycle of leading / pastoring from traditional, through contemporary (relevant), and now leading a new work returning to the stripped down, relational and more liturgical urban expression of the church, I plan on sharing your work and resources to any who would have ears to hear

  4. Hi Kathleen, I love your website. I am in Bunbury, we have some mutual friends. I would love to talk to you more about what you do and the mechanics of how it works. I couldn’t find an email on your site to contact you directly, would you consider please emailing me? Blessings to you, Carli.

  5. I couldnt imagine a more intelligent approach in todays times to sharing the good news than to be interactive with the message.theres no point in preaching if you cant get the message to stick.love what your doing.im sure our father is proud too.

  6. Hi Neil and Kathleen
    A Linked-in automated email connected me to Foothills Church of Christ and it got me curious – I have friends that go there. I quickly discovered that it is another Neil. I think you want to fix the spelling on Linked-in ‘conflict Resiloution’ – needs resolving in more ways than one.
    The Bible teaches me that the primary ministry of church is discipleship – being diligent imitators of the Lord Jesus Christ – obedient to 1 Cor 11:1. and 2 Tim 2:2. The ministry of love is at the forefront with teaching being by both example and from the scriptures. Unfortunately, as I have discovered most church leaders have little or no grasp of what the ministry of love looks like. Instead, through cultural heritage of the west they misappropriate man’s responsibility or God’s sovereignty; making them very skilled at side stepping the ministry of love. A much deeper understanding of the ministry of love started growing when I had to teach the teenage Sunday school at Subiaco about the subject of ‘what is love’ – resulting in memorising and meditating on over a dozen verses on the topic. I left your church and your world after the opposite of what I had learned occurred (back in the 90’s). Adelaide

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