We often have people ask us how to do church in a circle. We hope to put together a list of resources and ideas pages for people to access. Please add to these pages with useful comments and suggestions of your own.

– Kathleen & Kevin-Neil Ward

5 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I enjoyed your article entitled “10 Reasons to Stop Preaching” on I believe the negative comments came from individuals who do not understand your heart for God nor where you are coming from. I’m 63 years old and have been ordained 3 times and come along numerous organizations to assist them. I have come to the conclusion that Christianity can be religious or relational. Most people don’t understand what I mean when I say “religious” as our culture defines words so poorly. I won’t take alot of time here to explain but will say that if we keep our verticle and horizontal relationships focused on the person of Jesus Christ we will be blessed. May God continue to use you mightly on your journey. I can recommend a couple of excellent books I’ve read, including those by Wayne Jacobsen at Edward Goble published “And No Religion Too!” as well as “Sincerely, Jesus”

    • Thanks, Mel – it’s lovely to connect with you. I love the contrast you make between “religious” and “relational”. We’ll check out those books you recommend.

      Blessings in your ministry,

      – Kathleen & Kevin-Neil

  2. I just came across your blog & website this morning and have been captivated by the thought of doing church a different way. We believe God has called us to reach the “Seven Cities” of Hampton Roads, Virginia, but in a different way. As a lead pastor committed to building a team, I am fascinated by your insight and approach. I am looking forward to reading & learning more.

    • Great to hear from you, Rob, and many blessings in your journey. It takes a huge shift in mindset to move from “performer” to “facilitator” in a church model – but once you do, there’s no going back. I hope you find some helpful suggestions and links through my blog.

      Your sister in Christ,


  3. I thought you might find our latest CD (Mystic Chapel by The Project) of interest. The lyrics for the songs were adapted from the Easter Vigil Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (5th century). The music was influenced by The Eagles, David Crosby and Poco. Here is a sample of what others are saying:
    “… the tunes are strong, the music beautifully clear, and the packaging… is created artistically and with care…. this is a highly professional production with spiritual integrity, and a release with one foot in the seventies, but the other striding towards the future.”  Derek Walker, Church of England Newspaper
    “So much of Christian music today is shallow and sallow lyrically, theologically and musically.  We have here a remedy to all those ills…” Michael Newnham, Phoenix Preacher

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